Workshift is a project done to distribute labor across Red Victorian residents. It tracks several different modes of labor, with all of them available to be done by anyone with a desire to contribute.

Join #rv_s_workshift in slack to see day to day workings and talkto Eric Blossum who is the steward of workshift!

Workshift uses a currency called “Community Units” or CU. These are awarded for performing a work shift task. Each task has a CU value. This is to weigh the different amount of time and organization required for each task.

For each month, each resident should obtain a target number of CU. This number is equal to 90% of the ratio of CU to residents for the given month.For May, this number is at least 7 CU. Any excess earned over the minimum amount rolls over to the following month in part (maximum 2 CU).

The following is the list of tasks, their CU values, and a link to sign up for a shift. Full descriptions are given at the end of the document.Please do not sign up for more than 3 of any single workshift until everyone has had a chance to sign up (sign up for anything open at start of month).

Dinner, 1 night

1 CU

Taking out trash, 1 night

1 CU

Bringing in trash bins, 1 day

1 CU

Fridge Fairy, 1 cleaning

2 CU

Room Deep Cleaning, 1 cleaning

1 CU

Mail Sorting, 1 month

3 CU

Weekday Hotel Laundry, 1 night

3 CU

Public Works

CU assigned per task by Public Works Steward (John)

Paid Event Hosting, 1 event

CU assigned per task by Paid Event Steward (Nina)

For Public Works and Paid Events, you can pre-pledge work units, talk with stewards about what to do, and then adjust accordingly at the end of the month

How to signing up for workshifts <3

To sign up, go to this link:

Click on a time slot to take it. Your name will autofill into the event title. Be sure to save.

Finally, please fill out the spreadsheet with what you signed up in May for to calculate your CU total.

I signed up for 3 weekday hotel laundry work shifts in this graphic and 1 room deep cleaning.

My “CU” needed hit zero and turned green!


Each task has a commissar that ensures that the task gets done. Tasks that do not get done should not grant CU, and the person who failed to do their task should sign up for another task.

Task Descriptions:

Help coordinate a paid event and be in attendance to oversee and host. Talk to Paid Events steward for more

Trash Out:

Empty all downstairs trash receptacles on trash day and take trash out for 1 day. Trash goes to the curb on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday evenings. Compost is Sundays only.

Both trash out and trash in should periodically check and empty the bins in the great hall and the kitchen into the hall trash and replace bags. Trash bags, compost bags, and gloves are in the supply closet at the end of the trash hallway.

We have 2 recycling bins, 1 trash bin, and 2 compost bins (one of our trash bins seems to have been knicked). It seems that the garbage trucks just throw all the garbage and recycling to sort later.

Team should also put some effort into making sure the trash hallway is decently maintained.

Trash In:

Bring in trash cans in mornings for 1 week. This is Wednesday, Friday, and Monday morning-afternoon. Team should also check that the sidewalk is not a mess because of us and help maintain a decent appearance on Haight St sidewalk.

Both trash out and trash in should periodically check and empty the bins in the great hall and the kitchen and replace bags.

Team should also put some effort into making sure the trash hallway is decently maintained.

Fridge Fairy:

Clean out fridges and throw away food that needs to be thrown away. Organize pantries, wipes down shelves.


Cook dinner for 1 night and ensure cooking dishes are done.


Ensure all mail is put in mail closet. Sort mail, make sure closet is organized.

Public Works:

Improve and fix things around the house! Talk to Public Works Steward

Room Deep-cleaning:

Do a really good job of cleaning and organizing either the Kitchen, Great Hall, or Lounge.

Candidate tasks (add your suggestions here):

  • Meeting new potential housemates?

  • Storage maintenance and review (closets, left brain, etc)

  • Website/social media/etc management

  • Compost deep cleaning/fly management

  • Booking/Airbnb management

  • Onboarding new residents