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The Financial Times

Over the rainbow: Communal living is back in vogue, especially among Silicon Valley’s young technology workers and their fellow thinkers


Bay Area's Steep Housing Costs Spark Return To Communal Living

New York Times

No Tie-Dye Required: Bay Area Millennials Are Flocking to Communes

Netflix Film

Red Vic, featured in The New Economy, which you can watch on netflix

Life Edited Magazine

Open Source Housing: The idea of sharing is palatable enough for things like power tools and even cars, but our homes? Like underwear and teeth retainers, homes are the kind of things that are best when they have clear lines of possessions. Not so says Embassy Networks in San Francisco.

SF Gate

Tech entrepreneurs revive communal living

City Lab

One Answer to San Francisco's Overpriced Housing: 'Co-Living'

Christian Science Monitor

Shared housing: The sharing economy gives roommates a new image

National Geographic France - 18 pages on San Francisco, written by Thibault Petit 6/9/2017.

The Embassy Medium Publication -

The Embassy featured in French National Geographic: