hosting an event

We love to be able to offer our space up to events that feel culturally aligned and we don't charge for such events. however we need the space to be looked after - if things are returned to a really wonderful state after you event, we won't be able to host you again which would be sad! help up be able to host all sorts of events but making it seamless <3

Proposing an event

  1. create an event on the website and make sure that it is published by a Red Vic event admin

  2. once it is published and live, who ever publishes it should add it the red victorian google calendar using the 'add to g cal' link on the event page.

  3. Then you can advertise how ever you like - we have our own red victorian facebook page and you can ask a resident to make an event on there and it will reach a lot of people :)

  4. If you think your event will sell out, please make sure to use the ticket link from our website so that you know who has rsvp-ed. Often times 200 people rsvp on facebook and we can't house that many people :)

  5. Make sure that you have someone is is happy to be your point person for liaising back and forth.

  6. Think about alcohol or food licenses if you want to sell either. Serving food and alcohol is fine, it's only selling that needs paperwork to be done.

  7. If you are serving alcohol please make sure to ID guests.

Event setup

  • Lock doors to hotel, kitchen and office

  • Update the sandwich board if/as appropriate

  • Empty trash bins so they are fresh for the event

  • Audio equipment and projector as needed

  • Reorganize furniture as needed.

  • Signs for wifi, bathrooms, event hashtags, etc, as appropriate.

  • Check bathroom cleanliness, put extra toilet paper & paper towels in restrooms

Event strike - Please ensure that the space is left in a better state than you found it <3 This means

  • returning all furniture to it's original orientation

  • doing all the dishes if used and putting them away (not leaving them on the drying rack)

  • taking the trash out to the bins in the back alley off the kitchen.

  • mop the floors if sticky

  • Break down any boxes. Large trash to be removed by organizers

  • Sweep the floors no matter what

  • Any lights, mics, non-day to day AV equipment turned off/disassembled, and put away

  • If Red Vic projector was used, put it back in the office

Useful information

  • The wireless access point is redvictorian and the password is modernomad.

  • We have a projector, speakers and a screen - let us knowif you wish to use these.

  • There are large garbages in the kitchen and by the coffee station

  • Bathroom is down the hall at the back left, light switch is just behind the curtain.

  • Extra garbage and compost bags can be found to the right of the garbages in the storage area under the stairs

  • Full garbage bags can be taken to the big bins in the corridor

  • The storage area at the back of the garbage corridor has paper towels and extra toilet paper if you need them.

  • No event guests in the home (unless previously coordinated), this means please don't let event guests into the main part of the building :)