Easy ways to contribute!

Our community works on positive reinforcement and celebration of all the contributions that people make - Share your contributions on the #rv_bilbo_braggins channel :)

1. take the trash out

trash lives in the corridor by the main door, and goes out on Tuesday (blue and black bins), Thursday (blue and black bins)and Sunday evenings (green, blue and black bins).

Make sure that you empty the bins into the trash cans before taking them out. The main bins are next to the coffee station in the great room, and in the kitchen.

The bins need to be brought back in the follow day also!

2. put food deliveries away

Our food turns up in great box loads, if you see it lying about do put it away, bakery products go into the glass containers on the breakfast bar in the main room.

3. make the great room great again

take 3 minutes to fix the furniture in the great room and make things look lovely, plump cushions, collect cups, put the books back on the shelves, water the plants, arrange the coffee area :)

4. water the plants!

Our green friends always need love.

5. Sign up cook family dinner

we eat together four times a week :) if you can't cook, volunteer to take care of dishes one evening and you will have charmed everyones' socks off.

6. replace toilet roll!

Toilet roll is stored in the utility closets on the second and third floor.

7. collect cups from the lounge!

This room collects junk because people love to use it. If you see things left out, give the room a once over and bring rubbish and dishes down.

8. Run a load of laundry

Our laundry is stored in the cupboard next to the fridge. Put a load in while you're waiting for your water to boil and we will love you forever! Put a wet load in the dryer, fold some and pop it o the shelves.

9. Host an event

You can propose that here: https://embassynetwork.com/locations/redvic/events/create/

10. Donate to our patreon fund