Decentralised spending

In order to give residents maximal freedom to self-budget, we have set up a system where by the finance team have decided on how much we should allocate to various aspects of running the house.

  • $200 a resident for all of their food (this is around $3000/$4000 a month, we add on extra for guest food so we allocate $4200 a month for red vic food

  • $1000 for public works spending (maintenance budget)

  • $400 a month for supplies (soap, toilet roll etc)

We have a main checking account, a food account and a public works account. Each month we transfer the appropriate amount into each account.

The food team have their own debit card and cheques for the red vic food account, the public works team have the same. It's up to each group to allocate their spending each month, and because they have dedicated accounts, they can't over spend!

This system gives maximal ability to self budget without putting the main account at risk <3

Our public works spending card :)