is a chat service and it is used for general house conversation, sharing cat videos, time sensitive announcements and working group discussions. There are two main channels #general and #announcements. You can use Slack on a smartphone or computer. If you want to make a big decision in the house, you can start a transient channel with a d in the title (to denote that it is there for a decision to be made e.g. #rv-d-shall-we-get-a-cat. At the start, state the purpose and the time that the channel will be used for discussing, and when the voting shall be cast, and an end date to the channel.

Modern Nomad

‚ÄčModernomad to be added to the residents and admin lists. You will receive an email every day with check ins, check outs, and events happening that day. We recommend setting up filters for these.


You can email all current Red Vic residents at "" and all current guests & residents at "" which is great for announcing shared meals, or cool events happening in the area.

Google Drive

This is where everything is documented! Some commonly used things in there are the events worksheet, room pricing spreadsheet, meeting notes, and maintenance contact list.

Google Calendar

There are 2 calendars. Red Victorian is for the whole house, to post travel plans, house activities, scheduled maintenance, etc. Red Vic Host Calendar is for scheduling host shifts, as well as reservation information, for example if someone is checking in on Oct 10 and needs an extra bed, you would make a calendar event for that day and link to the reservation.


This is how we collaboratively choose how to spend money on fun projects (for example, the kegerator and garden).

Rent Collection is how we collect rents. Make a profile in order to set up automatic payments.


MayPi is the raspberry pi system that our front gate works with! Identify the current house admins on there, and send them your custom 6 digit door code.