Cobudget is an open source app being developed by Enspiral. It works like this:

Each month at the red victorian, what ever is left over after paying all ur bills and loans, goes into the collective fund pool. This is money that we collectively produce and we collectively spend it also. Each person has a cobudget account, and on that page, they can do three things:

1) see all the other buckets (projects) that have been proposed and funded

2) fund any of those buckets that tickles their fancy and

3) they can start your own buckets (a bucket is the name for a project)

In order to maximise the likelihood of getting your bucket funded, they should write up a spanking proposal making their case for why the project is worthwhile. Then people can start browsing the suggested buckets and allocating their funds to the buckets they like. All the transactions are done in the open, you can see who is funding what, and who is failing to allocat their funds and so on!

This is what a bucket looks like - this one is only half funded so far!

Tips on good cobudgeting protocol

  • Put a good description, don't leave people wondering what you are actually proposing e.g. '$300 for homeless mobile bathroom' doesn't tell you much, but "$300 for the use of a portable toilet and shower to be place on xx street for the month of June. This price includes delivery, maintenance and clear up. The bathrooms will be placed on xx street and I have gotten permission from the neighbours". etc etc. This is internal crowdsourced funding, include links to websites and things :)

  • Don't suggest projects that you can't actually get done even if you get the money

  • Don't be someone who doesnt do the work after your bucket gets funded

  • You don't get paid out until your bucket is funded, so don't make a giant unrealistic bucket.

  • If you bucket isn't getting funded, rally the troops! Post about it ni slack channels and let people know who you think might be especially interested.

You can read our blog post about cobudget here:

see @jessykate's last post on #watercooler

* This month, you each have a equal allocation of $1000 which we will run as a test drive for June so that you can all play and see how it works. In July you will have another $1000 and the donation money on top of that :) feel free to ping me questions in the #rv_cobudget channel. Happy collaborative spending! <3