Accountability at the red victorian

This page is dedicated to what to do if someone in the community is hurt and what to do about that.

Section 1. If someone is causing problems, but nothing illegal is happening, no one is being physically or sexually hurt.

This aim of this proposal is to create a structure that flags an issue as serious, such that it doesn’t fall through the cracks of dissolved responsibility. It also puts the onus on the person creating issues to consider their place in the community, rather than putting the onus on those who have already been impacted by their behavior to deal with it.

  1. all housemates create profiles here ( and share only with housemates. Housemates use this as a gentle and compassionate way to give feedback (not criticism, but constructive feedback). In addition, we continue to use the steward program and the record keeper.

  2. we nominate an external person to whom you can email if you have a continued issue with a person that has failed to be dealt with by number 1. They will tell you all if one person is described on their list by more than 3 long term residents. You can do what you like with that information but the idea is that it be taken as a serious milestone that needs the attention of the entire house.*

  3. We nominate a person to come in a talk to you all once each 3 months to ask _‘what are the crucial conversations that are not being had?’_, _‘is there a break-point that is causing unacceptable tension in the house?’_. they will feed this back to the house.

* Bare minimum we will ask this external person to do two things: 1. Email the person in question and let them know that they name has come up in this capacity from three different people, and to invite them to address the community themselves to think about how and why this happened. The purpose of this is the ensure that the person causing the harms takes responsibility for the impact of their behaviour, rather than the onus being on the community to raise this, which is emotionally and cognitively taxing. 2. Email the community to let them know this process is happening ^^ ,to mention the name of the person involved and to ask for two weeks maximum to allow them to address the group themselves in the form of a meeting.

Section 2. If someone in our space is being physically or sexually hurt or threatened:

  1. tell the red vic record keeper - this is really important. (Laurent -

  2. tell your buddy

  3. call a house meeting

  4. use this flow chart to help you decide what to do and how to do it.

  5. please please please, don't do nothing <3