shared critiques

(EN advance 2017, Russian River)

It is extremely challenging to agree on a set of shared, affirmative principles without being prescriptive, alienating, shutting down the diversity of perspectives represented in our numbers, or foreclosing certain modes of experimentation. For these reasons, we have decided instead to agree on a shared set of critiques of the status quo, the perpetuation of which we categorically reject. By sharing a common critique, and a general rejection of our society’s present trajectory, we hope to benefit from a shared basis for our projects, or experiments and our efforts in general.

1) Systemic inequities resulting in the poor distribution of resources, services, access, mobility, status, pleasure and care.

2) Zero-sum games—systems and patterns of production and distribution that require some to lose in order for others to win.

3) Concentration and enclosure for private benefit.

4) Economic growth as a unilateral metric of success.

5) Squandering the future, whether through short-sighted and risky economic investments, polluting/depleting production processes, or other unsustainable practices that shift the burden of the present onto future generations.

6) Hierarchies of social stature rooted in—and reinforcing—regimes of status, identity, position, attractiveness, etc.

7) Standardized regimes of desirability, aspirational goals, mono-cultural attitudes and aesthetics, and normative prescriptions designed to maintain hierarchies.