our non human friends

We have two non-humans friends.

Megapixel the feline contingent:

Friday the canine addition:

Friday’s adventurous spirit makes her want to see every corner of the world - starting with the inside of our pillows. If you see her eating something (plants or hanging from the chandeliers please feel empowered to vocally discipline her or remove her from a situation. Much like you and me; physically disciplining traumatizes dogs, does not work, and I am not ok with it. We are training her to be in love with humanity - not afraid of. If you raise your voice she knows she’s doing something wrong. Try to enforce good behavior. If she’s eating something please take it away from her and elevate it.

Friday currently gets walked an average of 5 times a day. Olaf and Zhenya often leave the house at 06:30, before this is when she gets walked first. We have a dog walker come over around 12;00 and 16:00, I get home at 18:30 and take her to the park - most of the time for an hour. Then Olaf walks her somewhere just before midnight before we go to bed.

Please feel free to take her for a walk (she LOVES being unleashed at Duboce Park) but maybe coordinate with Zhenya or one of us if neither one of us is home since a dog walker might be on the way.

We’re trying to teach her barking and jumping is not ok - please do not respond enthusiastically to these things.