how to run an event

One of the benefits that we have in living together, is that we gain access to all this extra common space. We love to use it and and to share it.

Steps to running an event:

Run it past the house

You can do this on slack or email residents@ Let people know:

  • what space you will be using e.g. living room and reading nook

  • Start time and end time

  • How many people will be invited

  • Who is responsible for clear up

  • Whether residents and guests are invited

  • Whether you are charging for tickets/ making a profit, or whether this is donation based/ free

Create an event page on the embassy site

Remember to make sure that you choose the correct option at the bottom of the page, for whether you wish it to be private, community only, or publicly listed.

This will inform everyone on our events team about the event. They will approve it or ask you some questions before making the event live.

Add it to the google calendar

There is a link on the modern nomad page that say add to gcal. You can only do this if you are admin on our site, so don't worry if you don't have access to do this, a resident will do it for you!