explorations with space

One of the things that we are excited about at the embassy sf is how we use space. How can space can be used to encourage new behaviours, and how can new behaviors modify space?

Room names

You will notices that each of our rooms has a name. We decided to give the rooms names in order to experiment with using less possessional speech, so instead of 'my room', we say 'the Penrose', or 'the Ada Lovelace'.

open doors encouraged

We took all the locks off the doors, and we encouraged people to leave bedroom doors open during the day. Guests and residents are welcome to use these spaces for quiet time. This radically increases the amount of common space during the day, even if by evening, these spaces become private once again.

indoor outdoor

Biosphere III is a little slice of the indoors, in our back yard. A green house designed by Nookzy with a vintage style study, plants and lighting inside :) This is one of the few spaces in the house that are small enough that they preclude company, and hence it is an ideal space for those introvert moments.