emotional ecology

I wanted to share this list of power traps as I found them really helpful in checking my own behaviour and struggles with being given/using power

*1. Using power before earning it* _(authority alone doesn’t make you a leader <3)_

*2. Sidestepping authority* _(avoiding taking a stand)_

*3. Using too much ammo* _(you identify as the weaker party and to compensate or be heard, your first move is always an attack)_

*4. Using power to boost low self worth* _(self explanatory)_

*5. Buying your own pitch* _(as the leader you create a culture where your ideas aren’t challenged)_

*6. Satisfying self interest* _(your high ranking role serves your needs and life style, includes nepotism/favors/special treatment)_

*7. Overdoing it* _(drinking the power kool aid)_

*8. Not holding yourself accountable* _(you allow your language to drop/shout/don’t curb bad behavior as no one else checks you)_