embassy comms

We use slack for embassy network day to day communication. This slack account has channels dedicated to this house - these all start with "esf" - and others that are network wide.

slack for day to day comms

default channels

'#announcements - only admins can post. '#help - when you don’t know where else to go '#watercooler - general network-wide chit chat.

'#location_today - guest and events happening today at a given location, eg. #redvic_today, or #esf_food.

collaborative channels

These are kind of like guilds, and form the core of the advice process (see below) on a network and house level. Feel free to create house-specific versions of these channels as needed. '#marketing - shared approaches to and development of marketing material, coordinating to offer group , '#onboarding - approaches and shared documents around onboarding new residents, guests and members, orienting people to their experience in our spaces and facilitating participation where desired. '#finances - finance discussions and cobudgeting '#events - event support/hosting/coordination '(see notes/descriptions for read only access to google calendar) '#hosting - guest support and operations, group bookings '#modernomad - announcements and discussion related to the website

other network wide collaborations that might be of interest:

'#restorative_justice - network wide project to ensure training in domestic matters, and to provide support and mediation for those experiencing physical, sexual, or emotional damage in our community '#social-observatory '#bookclub


Go ahead and create a general channel for your house! Please make sure to create private channel(s) for discussing sensitive items like roommate selection. Create as many house-specific channels as you want or need. If you find yourself feeling like you’re spamming a network-wide channel with a lot of house-specific stuff, you might want to do this. That said, it’s nice to share and cross fertilize, so don’t worry about a little bit of house-specific stuff.

decisions and taking action: the doocracy

Based in our do-ocracy process Basic pattern: join a channel to be consulted, speak up to be heard. Silence is implicit consent (only in this case - otherwise yes means yes!). Things that are not easily reversible (as per doocracy) or too complex to be easily addressed with a bit of back and forth on slack should be put on Loomio (see below).

etiquette and norms

If you create a channel where decisions are going to be made, announce it to others who might care, so that they can opt in.

Channel naming: Many channels will have the pattern location_topic. Eg. redvic_food. Please put the location first, and then the topic. This makes it easier to browse the channel list because all the redvic_XXX channels will be next to each other (of course, we could do this the other way too-- we’re just picking one and sticking to it).

Network-wide channels should have no prefix. Eg. #food, not #network_food. Add pinned items with relevant websites and documentation for each channel as appropriate to give context.

loomio for collaborative decisions

We use loomio for participatory decision making. We tend to use this for decisions that are irreversible, or that require some discussion and input from the group! For example, you might doocratise something like rearranging the layout of the living room, simply by letting people know on slack and giving them a chance to give you feedback or get involved. But if you wanted to buy a bunch of new furniture and throw out some old furniture, you might want to have a bit of discussion around that!


We rarely use email but sometimes we need it. for example, guests don't have access to our internal comms.

current@embassysf.mail.embassynetwork.com - goes to all current guests and residents

residents@embassysf.mail.embassynetwork.com - goes to all residents

hello@embassynetwork.com - goes to Jessy and Zarinah :)

embassy network check ins

Every two weeks we host an open call to all EN members to join a call. We skype/zoom/ghangout from places all over the world to update each other on our local projects and on EN projects :)

Here we have EN contributors calling in from the Red Victorian, Berlin, Monte Rio, and the Embassy SF!