easy ways to help out with the house!

Being generous with our culture

Familiarize yourself with the basics of our guest program and learn how to check in arriving guests! Give them a tour, say something about the house culture, show them to their room, remind them they are always welcome to instigate or participate. We love it when guests welcome in other guests!

Give a talk, host an event, a cooking night, a group muse, something for the wider community :)

Cook for a crowd - make more than you'll eat and share with others

Help us maintain a comedy of the Commons

Our mantra is that we all try to leave each space better than how we found it. This is our anonymous gift to leave other.

  • You can do a quick sweep of the ground floor or Lovelace for dishes before bed (Don’t leave them in the sink - wash, dry, put away!)

  • Sort and put away the mail

  • Water the plants <3 Our house is a jungle and the plants are usually a little thirsty

  • Grab a partner and take out the trash or compost bins

  • Give the kitchen surfaces a once over

  • Put furniture back if you see it has been moved

  • Help to put away food or put out Amazon bags

  • Keep refrigerator clean by purging old, smelly, even questionable items

  • Flatten cardboard boxes

  • Replace light bulbs or order new ones

  • Collect items left out and about and place them in lost property at the bottom of the main stairs

  • Plump cushions in the reading areas