This is the shared onboarding and coworking agreements for members of of the Embassy SF.

The Embassy SF is a unique combination of residents, guests and events, experimenting with the creation of the commons. We are excited to officially offer up some of our extensive space as a coworking platform for members of our dynamic and developing community. At the embassy, our coworkers make up much of the daytime hive activity and as such, are active members of the community. The goal of this agreement is to instruct, invite, and set expectations around communication, shared spaces, contributions, and community norms.

things you should know

The house is busy, and use of space is dynamic and affects all of us. In addition to the coworking community, many of the residents work from home during the day. We have room for up to 5-8 guests at any one time, so there are a lot of new faces coming through both during the day and in the evenings. Its our role as community members to take a moment to help new visitors get acquainted with the house and the culture here. There are lots of different types of people using the spaces for different things, but is first and foremost a home and community, so keeping this space clean, clear, and open is essential.

Participation & Community Contributions We encourage all community members to contribute what they can, help run the house, share the projects that you are working on, support others, host events, and get involved in the bigger picture projects around the embassy network as a facilitator of the commons. Its worth thinking about what your participation level in the community might be, how present you intend to be in the short-, medium-, and long-term, and how you might like to contribute. Some of the things that we’ve been asking current and future members to think on and articulate are:

  • What would you like your time in the community to look like?

  • What projects are you working on right now and how can the community support you in those?

  • What is one thing that the community can count on you for?

  • What things might you like to contribute to the commons, either within the house or for the wider community?

  • What is your self appointed role in the house? Think of something that you’d love to do for the house and give yourself a title. Please share this on the community Loomio so that people know who you are and what you are offering.

the culture

shared agreements

We ask all members and residents to read and sign our shared agreements documents. This is primarily to ensure that all actors in this community subscribe to these basic shared values.

Comedy of the Embassy commons The embassy SF is attempting to optimize the use of its spaces, which means there are a lot of actors coming through. As a community we must be extra careful not to fall prey to the tragedy of the commons, and to ensure that the Embassy SF is a shining testimony to the comedy of the commons!

How can we ensure this? Please make sure, for example...

  • to leave each space that you enter, in a better state than when you found it;

  • when you wash your cup, please wash at least one other cup that you see;

  • as you walk up the stairs, please collect glasses;

  • as you wait for the kettle to boil, please wipe down the surfaces;

    and more!

These tiny additions make a huge difference to our community and will support us being able to have more people here!

home & community first

Please remember that this space is first and foremost a home for many people, and a community hub for many others.


Day to day We use Slack for day to day communication and have a lively set of channels. You will get an invite from us soon; take a look and see what channels are of interest to you.

Group decision making We use Loomio for larger scale communication and group decision making. You will be invited to join our community Loomio groups. Have a look around and see what kinds of discussions are taking place. Feel free to comment on any that are interesting to you, or just sit and watch for a bit!

use of space & logistics

Hours Formal coworking hours are from 8AM to 6PM. Beyond these hours, coworking outside of any formally assigned workstations is at the discretion and courtesy of other residents and guests, who will always take precedence in using common areas outside of coworking hours.

Meeting spaces The garden level of the house is set up to accommodate individual work. Workers are welcome to work quietly in different rooms of the house, but please remember that meetings and phone calls can be a intrusive for the home environment, and often prevent anyone else from using that space. With this in mind, guests can book the carriage house for larger groups and private meetings. You can do this by messaging the Embassy slack ‘esf-coworking’.

Phone Calls Please NEVER use the main area of the house. The private bedrooms upstairs are available for this - just use rooms where the door is left open. Please always use headphones. Please ensure that all bedrooms are left immaculate after your call - no coffee cups left out. :)

Food & Drink Please help yourselves to food, but do clean up afterwards. This includes:

  • wiping down counters;

  • washing, drying, and putting away plates and silverware;

  • loading and unloading the dishwasher (if used);

  • removing trash and refilling the liners.

Please try to never leave the kitchen or coffee station in a less than perfect state for the next person :)

Norms After using any common spaces, please check back and make sure it is ready for the next people to use. This includes removing plates and cups from coworking and other common areas, and leaving tables clear, even if it isn’t your mess!


Shared and private desk space Colour printer stocked with ink and paper Monitors available Whiteboards and pens (“photo and wipe” policy if any whiteboard is not clear) Internet - Embassy North and South/ password: netpositive Sauna


Full-Time Non-Resident Coworking Members (includes access to a dedicated desk) = $350/month + community contributions Light Co-working Members (non-part time, who will cowork in the space occasionally) = $100/month + community contributions