core values of the embassy network


The Embassy Network values experimenting with culture, commons and more. We live this value by openly conducting experiments on almost every scale, by trying out new systems of living, and by encouraging radical thinking and action.


The Embassy Network values openness of heart, mind, and structure. We live this value through financial transparency, open communication, critical analysis, and constructive feedback. We also live this value by encouraging people, places, and projects that fall within our network to build upon our values and policies in ways that they see fit for their own purposes.

Consensual Engagement

The Embassy Network values in equal parts consent and engagement. We actively encourage engagement with all aspects of the Embassy Network, while supporting and growing a culture of consent at every level. We live these values by supporting participation, agency, and autonomy for people in the housing network and the individual houses and by encouraging and supporting, but not forcing, a growing set of commons within and across Embassy Network projects, places, and contributors.

Learning and Unlearning

We value both learning new things and unlearning harmful or oppressive, or generally less useful things. We ask you to bring intention to you interactions in our communities, and to give and receive with compassion. We live the values of learning and unlearning, by openly sharing results of our experimentation, by hearing other viewpoints with compassion, by engaging with each other and the community with intention.