commons based projects


An urban hacking group dedicated to the creative (and free) misuse of urban space. Hosting events such as public readings, alleyway dinner parties, projecting movies onto buildings, urban kayaking, renegade dance parties, etc.

Decoding Labs

A spatial think tank and design collective, looking at how to make unique and enticing spaces, and serving as a public repository of this information.

Embassy Meeting of the Minds (EMoM) salon series

A salon series every Thursday at the Embassy that is open to the public and free, designed to create a space to think through some of the harder questions that are out there. Topics have included "What would a post racial society look like?", "Is cultural appropriation ever ok?, 'Does it matter that you were born this way?', "Do poor lives matter?"

Red Victorian Lecture Series

Weekly lectures open to the public hosted at the Red Victorian commune and hotel. Together with the salons we aspire for these to form a sort of free school in the coming year.

Embassy Network

A global network of communal houses stitched together with modern nomad software


DRFT is a intracommunity credit system. DRFT are earnt in a number of ways but one DRFT is equal to a one night stay in any EN location, thereby simultaneously flattening the asymmetry in rent prices across locations and facilitating movement through our common spaces._

Haight Street Commons

Federation of local communes working on mutual aid, sharing, and resource sharing

Red Vic Workshop

A space for learning basic shop skills and hacking on projects. Provides access to the tools for people looking for shop space in the neighborhood and offers classes for new makers

Embassy & John Muir School collaboration

We work with the local school to teach a class a month! We love you to take on one of these, it can be talking about your career, what you learned, reading a story, hosting an art class, what ever you want :) email for more info.

Commune Research Commune

A reading group dedicated to thinking critically, historically and theoretically about the meanings of residential commons, and working through of issues such as the wider impact, political/economic engagement of communes, and strategic thinking around these issues. Ask for an invite to our online reading group.

Social Observatory

At the intersection between social psychology, sociology, primatology and behavioral economics lies social physics. The social observatory is a project studying social behaiour in the wild - we study humans in our communes and in other experimental societies such as Ephemerisle. You can read about about our governance experiments here. These data will all be made open for anyone to analyze for themselves.

Communal wardrobe

Inspired by The Dispossessed, we have created two communal wardrobes comprised of items that we care about but want to share. This is not a free box, this is an exploration of sharing valued items. "Nothing is yours. It is to use. It is to share. If you will not share it, you cannot use it." - Ursula la Guin